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A comprehensive healthcare platform bridging the gap between doctors and their patients, the KonnectDoc app allows seamless connectivity, removing the demographic barrier which gives patients the freedom to connect with their doctor for consultation even when he/she is out of town, with the KonnectDoc app, thereby removing the need of informal communication channels.

Benefits to the Patient
  • Consult with your Doctor

    The KonnectDoc app gives you easy connectivity with your doctor. You can now consult with your personal doctor through chat, call or a live video call, to get instant medical advice.

  • Book Appointments

    Book an appointment with your doctor in the most convenient manner. All that you need to do is check the doctor’s schedule, select a free time slot as per your convenience, and book the appointment. It is that simple! You can also keep track of all their appointments and set reminders for them.

  • Upload Reports and R x

    To truly provide seamless connectivity even when you are not in town, you can upload & share your reports and prescription with your doctor, and get online diagnoses of your condition. With all your medical records safe and secure on the KonnectDoc app, you can access them at any time, from anywhere.

  • Call Your Doctor during Emergency

    The KonnectDoc app lets you connect with your doctor in case on an emergency. Just press the emergency call button which starts a timer for 30 seconds. During this period, your doctor will be notified with your details. As soon as the 30 seconds elapse, you will receive a call that will connect you to your doctor.

Connect with Multiple Doctors

Connect with Multiple Doctors

With the KonnectDoc app, you can connect with different doctors, from your cardiologist, dietician to your physician, without having to downloading a separate app for it.

Lab test

Lab test

The KonnectDoc app allows you to request for lab tests wherein the test sample can be collected from the comfort of your home. Later, you can share the reports to your doctor using the app.

Buy Medicines & Other OTC products

Buy Medicines & Other OTC products

With the KonnectDoc app, you can order medicines and other healthcare products. You can get prescriptions medicines as well as shop for beauty and wellness products.

Easy Connectivity
with your Doctor

Need medical advice during an emergency but doctor is not available for a personal consultation? Worry not, you can easily connect with your doctor using the KonnectDoc app that differentiates the emergency calls from the normal ones; get the right medical advice when you genuinely need it. [Added]

Benefits to the Doctors
  • A Single Platform to Stay

    Connencted with Your Patient

    The KonnectDoc app is the best practice management tool which lets you stay connected with your patients through a single platform, streamlining your communication with them. In doing that, the app completely eliminates the need of informal communication channels, which tend to result in higher patient drop down ratio.

  • Customizable

    The app is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to set the availability for consultation based on your convenience. You can select the types of call you can attend to i.e. Clinic appointments, Video Call, Consultation through Chat, and Emergency calls. You can also change your availability as and when required to personalize the way you stay connected with your patients.

  • Identified emergency calls

    The KonnectDoc app allows you to take emergency calls and provide life-saving advice in times of medical emergencies. The Emergency Call button lets your patient connect with you in case of a medical emergency.

  • Manage Your


    The app allows you to conveniently handle all your appointments. You can set your schedule, fix appointments, get notifications, send reminders to the patients, and much more.

Report and Rx

Reports and Rx

Prescribe lab tests and check reports on the KonnectDoc App. Thereafter, you can also provide medical consultation and advice based on the reports. Furthermore, you can also provide digital prescriptions based on the patient’s test reports and easily follow-up on previous prescriptions; keep a digital record of it all.

Stay Updated With Smart Notification

Stay Updated With Smart Notification

Get automated reminders for upcoming appointments and scheduled video calls so that you never miss out on your professional commitments. The Smart Notification feature will also remind both you and your patients of the appointment prior to the scheduled time, thus reducing the chances of either of you missing the scheduled appointment.

Receive Payment Upfront

Receive Payment Upfront

The digital wallet of the KonnectDoc app allows you to easily manage payments. The presence of online wallet ensures that no patient defaults on payment; your fee gets credited to your KonnectDoc wallet as soon as the appointment is confirmed.


Easy Connectivity
with your Patients

Not available for personal consultation? Need to provide medical advice to your patient in case of an emergency? The KonnectDoc app eases all such worries, as it lets you take care of your patients even when you are away. It allows your patients to connect to you in an emergency. The app lets you differentiate between emergency calls and normal ones, so that you are always present to take calls that matter. Connect with your patient through chat or a video call, and provide medical advice whenever it is genuinely needed.

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